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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prop 19 Supporters Should EXPECT An `October Surprise'

So, the very latest polls now show that the citizens of California may be poised to upset the whole foundation of The Drug War in a matter of months with Prop 19. And, if Prop 19 passes - suddenly all over America (one would hope) local news shows that have long featured the brave police busting into someones home for a few pounds of pot - might, just might, be started to be seen as home invasions and frivolous. Suddenly, the politicians who have `supported' The Drug War on both political sides may have to give a `different take' on the whole matter. Suddenly, everything might be different.

So, it should come as NO surprise that the October Surprise will be coming and will be coming BIG TIME. And, the October surprise will hit hard, create fear, and most likely be based on lies. And, as you know, that is nothing new for The Drug War supported by the politicians, and media.

Now, anticipating the October surprise will be easy in a sense as obviously the Feds will say ANYTHING - such as `there has been already a huge increase in teenage usage since medical marijuana' (regardless if true or not) -- such as `the potency of today's marijuana makes the high not like the high of decades ago' (regardless if true or not) -- such as `smoking pot causes cancer (even if the opposite seems true) -- such as `pot is a gateway drug' (regardless if true or not) -- such as `teens that use pot have a higher pregnancy rate' (regardless if true or not) -- such as `traffic accidents will increase' (regardless if true or not) - such as `work productivity will decrease' (RITON) - such as `Border-Mexican violence will increase' (RITON) - such as - I think you get the point.

And, the point is this - the Fed's will NOT go down without a fight that includes the absurd - and NOT without a fight that includes baseless lies - and numerous `October Surprises' - which the media will proudly present as `the other side'.

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