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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Unspoken Connection Between Marijuana And Assisted Suicide

Hello, and welcome to Real Heavy Politics at Blogspot - thanks for hitting the link today or for already being a `regular' (according to data on the first 1,000 or so visitors to my 12 day old blog - about 32% of you are already repeat visitors). As you can see from the title of today's post -- this is about the REAL heavy stuff - the right to YOU controlling YOUR own body. The very idea and concept of who `owns' your body.

Now, before you veer off on a tangent about`right to life' and `abortion rights' and women `controlling their own body' - perhaps the only place you've heard that expression before - let me say that IMO - the two issues of `controlling ones body' are NOT equal. Meaning, the right to medicating one's own body and pregnancy `rights'.

However, that is NOT to say that I don't support the woman's choice in the matter of controlling her body - until a viable fetus is present in the later stages of pregnancy - I do support that right; but, likewise with pre-natal `rights' - at `some point' in a pregnancy, to me, the fetus indeed `has a body' that has innate `rights' in a sense (such as to be born).

Indeed, this idea I present - that YOU control the right to determine what happens to your body, and what you ingest - in the most fundamental sense - applies to such diverse ideas as marijuana consumption and doctor assisted suicide. In the case of adults consuming pot, a non-toxic product, the idea that the government has ANY role in telling adults what to do is nothing but big media propaganda.

And, it's big media propaganda because NO ONE ever - in the big media - takes on the right of an adult to determine what is best for them. To make an informed adult choice. That adults, have the RIGHT to use pot, a soft drug with no potential for overdose, compared to the hugely marketed, legal, hard drug of alcohol. Indeed, the RIGHT to THINK. (Obviously, the media does not push for individual rights only group rights - on occasion.)

And, the same concept and issue applies to doctor assisted suicide. Think of it; near the end of your life, if you are critically ill - and have chosen, in advance, the desire for such a decision to be made by you, your family and your doctor - what RIGHT does the government have at all - to say no? How can THAT, your life, your health, your BODY, be a decision of the GOVERNMENT?

Don't YOU, as a human, have the right to request a mixture of death producing drugs to end your suffering? Does the government have the RIGHT to force you to suffer? Does the government have the RIGHT to force you to be in pain? To spend on healthcare what you saved your life to pass onto your heirs and not to give to the insurance companies? This is waterboarding times 1 million.

The obvious answer is NO - except to those hopelessly hung up sheeple who are into the big media horse manure jargon and doublespeak of our worthless, often religion bent, politicians. Generally, what I call - Republinuts. Don't smile Democraps, both parties spew venom and pander shamelessly to segments of our population. And, ALL politicians avoid the difficult.

So, leave it to the blogging world to find articles like this. To expose ideas like this. Articles that SHOULD be part of the big media spin on issues in a free society without strong unspoken censorship - of life's most basic issues. Like the right to think; like the right to owning your own body - like your right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the right to death too.

So, finally, the unspoken connection -- the right to self medicate.

Here's some other links for you to consider today:

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See you tomorrow I hope.

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