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Monday, May 11, 2009

Is The Big Media Economy Cheerleading Getting Stale?

In my first post a few days ago - I alluded to the amazing big media `cheerleading' concerning the current economic situation. The cheerleading seems to be at all levels from CNBC to CNN to your hometown media outlets. The cheering seems based on the possibility that the level of the steepness of the crashing is easing. Nearly gone are the comments of `getting worse' - which is what nearly all the data still indicates. The populist idea is to take comfort that the system didn't and may not fall totally apart. (Nowhere are we to think that the people are MAD at the F-up of the big media watching big business - or the lack of control of the monetary system. The sheeple are to be quiet and happy the system didn't crash.)

Nowhere does the big media give credence to the idea that ONLY certain parts of the country went on a drunken binge concerning home prices. ONLY certain parts of the country had folks living off their house income for a few years. And, consequently, only PARTS of the country are REALLY being bailed out. Indeed, should the country pay for California's excess for the next decade? Or, should California have to pony up MUCH more?

Here's a link to a California blog that I have been following for the past two years - it makes the same point about the cheerleading of the media. I assure you, this is a website you should bookmark to know what is really going on.


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Sometimes, it is important to know just how politicians in power think - so - check out this wikipedia link that never gets talked about.
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