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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The REAL HEAVY Politics of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Frankly, I thought that the last post to RHP had already been made, as it has been almost a year since the last motivation to post anything. Reason? The election of 2010 - what a worthless outcome, again. The structure of the MSM's handling of anything of importance quite evident for decades - it was almost the end to this blog. Why continue to point out the obvious with no movement EVER by a bought and paid for MSM?

Then, two weeks ago yesterday, after being virtually ignored by the MSM for two weeks at that time, was the take over of the Brooklyn Bridge by the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement occurred. 700 arrests, and, for once, IMPOSSIBLE to ignore by the MSM. It was like they had been woke up from a multi decades long nap of nodding when TPTB (the powers that be) told them to report this or that `party line'.

After all, there was NO reason to cover any dissent about either of the wars BECAUSE BOTH `parties' were for BOTH wars. After all, there was no reason to cover any protests of the Drug War BECAUSE BOTH parties were for the WAR. The MSM had no reason to cover the handful protesting that wall street bankers should be in Jail - after all, BOTH parties were okay with NOT prosecuting. Etc, etc - to the point of adnauseum.

The MSM had literally forgotten HOW to cover dissent in America.

And, then the Brooklyn bridge incident and then the escalation into a permanent `movement' that is literally catching on, perhaps, worldwide. Certainly worth a reason to bring back a point of view on RHP - as I have been featuring the OWS movement on one of my other blogs Today's B.S. http://barfstew.blogspot.com/ (Barf Stew) since the Brooklyn Bridge incident.

TBS already foretold the run on the banks story several times Will Flash Mobs Be Used To Run The Banks? - Could OWS Cause A Run On The Banks? - in addition to the most dire of predictions yet made anywhere - Prediction - Will OWS Be Our Tienanmen Square? - you could say that I don't feel that this will lead to the most positive of outcomes. (With fingers crossed that I am wrong.)

Indeed, RHP returns with what could be the very tip of the OWS movement to END the big banks - holy crappola:

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