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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Marijuana Potency Ruse

From the dictionary the definition of `ruse' - a wily subterfuge - `ruser' - to dodge, deceive.

I present the exact definition from the dictionary above because the word has fallen out of favor and is so so seldom used by our big media -- I assume because almost all they do is `ruse'. And, as you can see from the title of this post - their latest ruse is a finding about some hand selected, specially grown, top notch marijuana flowers - that `scientists' find has the highest THC content yet.

So, CNN then takes this `fact' and turns it into the famous big media ruse (one of dozens about pot) that `this is not your fathers (your era) marijuana' - NO - `this pot is more dangerous than yesteryear'. Remember, CNN has NO interest in marijuana being legalized as it would affect most of their advertisers in one form or another -- be it the drug manufacturers always pushing their pills on CNN, or the beer advertisers, or the cotton industry, or the endless lawyers who advertise on CNN.

Again, CNN has NO interest in portraying pot in a positive light.

So, they push this new government/big media/big business spin, or ruse, that is so necessary and needed to keep pot and its smokers in its proper place. Regardless if it is meaningless to smokers or users. Perhaps the most hilarious part is that they never compare marijuana `strength' `levels' (of THC) - to the `counterpart' in the area of alcohol. Ignoring that anyone can buy `weak' levels of alcohol like beer (the most popular alcohol level) or `strong' nearly pure alcohol (less popular).

You see, by NOT comparing - the stupid, the sheeple, who follow CNN's and the governments line on everything - don't even think of the comparison. Don't even think that when `they' use the legal alcohol that they don't drink `as much' of the high powered stuff as the low beer level. And, of course, the non-smoker - getting its viewpoint on pot from CNN - wouldn't know that when smokers are confronted with a `better' more potent pot - that they ALSO would use less --- just like the LEGAL drinkers.

You see, if CNN actually wanted to be `fair and balanced' (FOX's term) - we would hear the smokers point of view - but - we don't. THEY, CNN, have sheeple to lead and advertisers to protect. They, CNN, don't want to ruffle the feathers of those in government who feed them the `news' they depend upon for their revenue. So be it - if the news is unbalanced and meaningless. If it protects the advertisers (follow the money) - job done.

For more of what I think of the marijuana ruse -- read this - http://realheavypolitics.blogspot.com/2009/05/maines-new-marijuana-law-isnt-enough.html.

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http://www.fda.gov/foi/warning_letters/s7188c.htm And, for today's latest example of no common sense and our bloated government at all levels - read this.
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British pub finds smoking ban loophole: report
http://www.physorg.com/news161412971.html Government action in England against smokers caused 2,000 pubs to go under since 2007's law. Here's an inventive way one Pub owner is challenging the law. `Local council' is still stating they will go after those smokers rights.
The Measure of a Boy - Government Style 1937
http://www.shorpy.com/node/6116?size=_original A little humor to end our week - how many government workers does it take to measure a boy? Answer - 11. Click this link to find a picture to find out why.

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