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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is `State Sovereignty' A Codeword For Independence From D.C.?

Recently, I ran across this link http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2009/06/02/taking-another-stand-for-state-sovereignty/ written by an Oklahoma State Representative that is about a states right to govern their own affairs. The gentleman that wrote the article Jason Murphey (OK-31) certainly is a man who somewhat represents the few politicians who actually are NOT worthless. Here is a man who indeed is in touch with an element of the public that may present their anger with D.C. in an incredible way - essentially saying - thanks but - no thanks - for the Federal ties.

Now, that is not to say that Oklahoma will no longer support the military with soldiers; or set up a border guard - or anything that dramatic. But, what may become too clear to ignore very soon - is the increasing disparity of the states in this country - including the individual states `needs' from D.C. And, it will become increasingly clear that all states will be bailing out the few that `profited' (and now busted) from the `housing bubble'.

Indeed, we have all heard the stories - even before the real estate crash - of PLENTY of Californians literally LIVING off the `value increases' in their homestead - and, had the re-finances pulling out that `value' to prove it. It was the American dream - just save enough to buy a home and IT would pay you forever.

Unfortunately, forever, was a few years pipe dream. But, 10's of millions took advantage of the free spicket in California -- and to a degree in various other boom states such as Florida. And, indeed, because of all the `cash' being made - the bankers made lots of dough, as did builders, appraisers, insurance companies, and eventually wall-street, etc. And, it ALL WAS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE REST OF THE COUNTRY that played within or by the old rules of `investment'.

But, now, the bill is due. And some states, soon, will probably begin to balk at the idea of FOREVER depressing their local economy to support those few rouge states. Indeed, I'd expect more and more states to begin to take `money' into their own hands -rather than send it off - expecting of course, even `more' to return. Only, that MORE will be only to a few states - the cheater states.

Expect the disengagement to begin in a state like Texas or some oil rich state. Is it so hard to imagine a Texas pullout, followed by a Louisiana or Oklahoma? Right there is a pretty big chunk of land. Do you really think that Alaska or Hawaii are committed to financing the mainland? Is this idea really so outrageous?

Tell me what you think.

Here's a couple more links for diversion:

http://seasteading.org/ "What is "Seasteading"?
Seasteading is creating permanent dwellings on the ocean - homesteading the high seas. A seastead, like in the picture to the right, is a structure meant for permanent occupation on the ocean." The `just form your own country movement'. Wow.

Finally, - so you think we've really advanced far in the last 90 years - right? Well then, take a look at this!

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