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I've voted for the Libertarians the last 10 elections for President. I do not believe in the Republinuts or the Democraps, or, the big media that supports them.

Because of the above - my views, IMO, are the real independent; THE `Eagle' views, and not the `centrist' `independent' views of those that alternate between the Jackass and the Elephant.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Democrap Or Republinut

Hello, welcome back to Real Heavy Politics @ Blogspot - I've really appreciated your support during this blogs first month of existence. And, as you can see from the posts I've made this month -- I'm not a big fan of our politicians or the way the political system seems to largely work. Indeed, as you can see from my sparse profile also on the sidebar -- I'm very very proud to say that I've NEVER thrown away my vote for President on one of the two major parties since 1972 - and - yes - I voted for Ron Paul a generation ago when he ran as a Libertarian.

One of the things you quickly discover when you decide NEVER to throw your vote away again on a Democrap or Republinut is that you NEVER hear YOUR voice on TV. You NEVER hear a REJECTeR of BOTH parties. You NEVER (seemingly) hear the Libertarian view stated by a Libertarian spokesperson. And, of course, you NEVER hear the outright haters of the political parties.

Yes, I said it - outright haters of the political parties. The HUGE % of folks that don't even bother to register to vote. THOSE folks who feel more identification with `rejecting the system' than `playing the game' at all. THOSE people who view the symbols of each party as stupid. After all, who is inspired by a bloated elephant or a jackass? How can neither party have had the courage to claim the Eagle or something more majestic than a Jackass? Indeed, do the Democraps actually think ANYONE would give two bird droppings if they dropped the Jackass?

But, then again, perhaps those are the PERFECT two symbols for our entrenched political parties (isn't it interesting that these same lawmakers could pass legislation making political ads free - thereby - taking the money out of the mouthpiece media that serves it). Perfect symbols indeed - bloated and stubborn. Protecting power - buying influence. Each party using subsets of America to kowtow too. Or, generate fear of.

Makes you feel slimy that you voted for this - doesn't it?

Boy, am I glad I've NEVER voted for THAT at the top of this countries ticket in over 3 decades. And, you too can free yourself. You too, can see that each party is only marginally different than the other.

And, when you do finally free your mind from thinking you identify as favoring one party over the other - you will take the below links in a different way. You will see them for what they are - the failing of worthless politicians protecting their own powerbase - and rigging the voting lines to do so. (How can anyone say they love this crappola?)

So, please - if YOU have the awakening - the discovery - the MOMENT - where you know that YOU will never vote for a democrap or repubinut for President - EVER again - then - make sure to follow the new chant for the 2000's - FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS VOTE FOR PARTIES REPRESENTED BY A BLOATED ELEPHANT OR A STUBBORN JACKASS.

Sunday's Heavy Politics Links:

The latest increase raises federal obligations to a record $546,668 per household in 2008 -http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2009-05-28-debt_N.htm I ask, what kind of system that had REAL checks and balances (like a real third party) would permit this to happen? Only the media acting like a mouthpiece for the political parties and ignoring the people, I mean, sheeple, could have this happen.

County Pays Medical Marijuana User $2,000 for New Lamps Following Acquittal http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2009/may/29/county-pays-medical-marijuana-user-2000-for-new/ The sheriff's office would not return the marijuana it confiscated, however, because, Wilson said, "we don't know how much he may already have."
State law limits medical marijuana users to a 60-day supply What gets me is that the media in states that still arrest folks for pot seldom report these type of stories - indeed, they are almost underground news.

Marijuana Rivals Mainstream Drugs For Alleviating HIV/AIDS Symptoms -http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090529081627.htm

Canada's 'Prince of Pot' Vows to Defeat U.S. War on Drugs - http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,522918,00.html

Software Problems with a Breath Alcohol Detector http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2009/05/software_proble.html Readings are Not Averaged Correctly....which would cause the first reading to have more weight than successive readings Perfect example of cooking the books.

LAPD is Resisting Calif. Medical Marijuana Laws http://www.opposingviews.com/articles/opinion-lapd-is-resisting-calif-medical-marijuana-laws-r-1243568486 Politicians push hard on the police -after all - they control the police budget not the sheeple.

And, finally, note the weird viewpoint shown by CNN in this video - hope to see you tomorrow.

Friday, May 29, 2009

What IF Pot IS Performance Enhancing?

Decades Ago, there was a High Times magazine cover that had a question posed to a baseball star - the question was something like - If Bowie Kuhn had 100 dollars for every ball player that smoked pot what would he be - the answer - a rich man.

I start today's essay off with that little ancedote about the natural plant many in the country use daily as medication - or - for even the forbidden side of usage `recreation'. But, the real super secret side of usage - is the `esoteric' side of pot. The seeming `enhancement' of food. The seeming `enhancement' of music. Indeed, the seeming `enhancement' of enjoyment itself. It's really quite a remarkable, below the surface in mentions, `benefit' - one that few if any legal drugs offer - an enhancement to consciousness.

Indeed, one of the often mentioned `qualitative' benefits for smokers - is a clarity of mind. A oneness focus.

Isn't that `oneness focus' - something that athletes use for success; a side benefit of usage? Especially for athletes at the very top of their sport?

Wouldn't it be ironic if one day a sophisticated system really did ban usage due to it's potential mind benefits - the unfair advantage it gives for concentration? In a fortean world like ours - don't be surprised.

More links below:

http://www.bwcitypaper.com/Articles-i-2009-05-28-229395.113121_Obama_Loses_His_Cool.html Covers the obvious - that republicans and democrats different only by symbol - jackass or bloated elephant.

http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2009/05/27/tennessee-house-affirms-sovereignty/ I'm predicting the day will come when parts of the country refuse to pay for states with a huge drain of dollars going into them.

Are Wall Street speculators driving up gasoline prices? http://www.miamiherald.com/business/nation/story/1057972.html Will this be another example where the only way to make money is in commodities?

http://www.smartmoney.com/investing/economy/acclaimed-economist-says-the-recession-is-over/ Interesting graph, one problem - in the other recessions - wealth destruction wasn't a real issue - only now and the depression have that.

Finally, a little humor and tease to end your stay - I'd love to hear your comments.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Google Trends Indicate Political Viability For Medical Marijuana VS Legalized Pot

Gateway Drug vs Legalize Pot (top graph)
Medical Marijuana vs Legalize Pot (bottom graph)

Hello, welcome back to Real Heavy Politics - the blog. And, one of the very heaviest of all political issues is the decades long war on marijuana smokers carried out by both political parties. But, as you also know, the people in a few instances have risen out of the rhetoric to pass by vote more lenient measures about the natural plant - including - the bringing in a note from the doctor - for medical marijuana. And, even more recently, the outcome of the financial meltdown - cheerlead by our mindless media and worthless politicians - has prompted a few people to suggest legalizing pot for the tax revenue.

Indeed, smokers, craving only the basic right to self-medicate, can easily be swayed into thinking the politicians are going to do something about pot - even if the politicians really don't want to. --------- But, is that really the case?


Because, if you look at the above chart on Google - you can see that `medical marijuana' is a searched term 60 TIMES more often than `legalize pot'. And, you can see that as far as media volume for the terms - legalize pot doesn't even make a real blip.

And, finally, notice that legalize pot doesn't even beat gateway drug - and, as of today - gateway drug is going up and legalize pot going down.

Here's the direct link to those graphs too: http://www.google.com/trends?q=legalize+pot%2C+gateway+drug&ctab=0&geo=all&date=ytd&sort=0


More links for today.

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124329282377252471.html Maryland raised a special tax for those making a million - guess what happened?

FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts - http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/05/fcc-raid/ Bloated governments think they have unlimited power.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Are America's Freedoms Big Enough To - Free The Marijuana Prisoners?

Men and women have fought for and died in attempts to support the freedom of the American people. To many in our society, that freedom, was felt to be `individual' freedom - even beyond the many `group freedoms' that have been won via hard fought political struggles (including the right to vote for black males and eventually women only 90 years ago). Indeed, our society is one history of great changes.

But, as we all know all too well - it's been mucked up. In fact, mucked up pretty bad - especially recently, and especially, by those `in power'. And, that in itself is nothing new either - but - before - the muck wasn't leveraged. And, the system is still mired in deep doo with little prospects of any immediate return to the lost `wealth' - that it had built up in the bubble of housing and banking. And, as usual, the powerbrokers will skate with less real harm to lifestyle than the sheeple they `lead'.

But, every once in a great while - a concurrence of events - leads to an unexpected outcome - and I wonder - could our society have reached a conclusion that could lead to the Freedom of the marijuana prisoners? Could a society, tired enough of the big media and politician power structure (the political ads are the bread and butter of the TV industry) - actually demand a fundamental change to `the system'? That somehow would overcome their filters on real information?

Because, make no bones about it. The police support for the political doctrine, played over and over by the media, that YOU do NOT have the right as an adult to self-medicate YOUR body - is BIG BUSINESS. You can imagine the business marijuana arrests brings to lawyers as one beginning point. And, of course, if an adult isn't allowed to use a `simple' plant to self medicate - that supports the entire prison industry by long terms for `hard' drug users. And, both support the court and prison industry.

If suddenly, self medication, and pot was a `right'; if suddenly, 40% of the above big business was gone (and perhaps much more if other drugs were looked at individually) - would the politicians do THAT during an economic downturn? To turn their back on Lawyers (one of the biggest supporters of the politicians)?

Yes, this is not a cake walk. This is NOT going to be easy. AND, legalization, will NEVER be a first step and is a RUSE. The first step folks, is going to be one thing.

AS A SOCIETY TO SAY --- NO MORE JAIL FOR POT `criminals' . Period.

And, not only that - NO public money to incarcerate for any reason on issues related to pot. Therefore, - no pre-trial detention - and all those currently serving time for pot related `crime' only - to be immediately released with sentence served in full. (Like no pictures allowed of certain things - would the media be allowed to broadcast the marijuana prisoners walking out of prison?)

This will not be easy for the politicians to swallow. And, while the media would never play it up - every politician would have egg on their face. In addition to every Judge and every policeman.

Some of those being released from prison, for pot, regardless of charge, will sue the system too. That should be expected. Or, is it really THIS that the politicians fear?

Because, if the medical marijuana laws say anything about our society - it's that a significant % of folks view their own body as sacred. As belonging to them. As having the right to self-medicate, even if that means overturning one of the biggest businesses in America - arresting pot smokers.

Once all the `smokers' are freed out of prisons. Once a smoker NEVER sees the inside of the county jail for pre-trial detention. Then, America will be showing the desire for the Big Freedoms the media wishes to suppress. Rather that shucking an Olympic champion like Kellogg's did - with full media play-up.

Indeed, how can REAL talk about legalization begin when ANYONE sits in jail? Shouldn't the real shout out be on this day to shout your freedom be:

More Freedom links:
http://www.salem-news.com/articles/may212009/wall_street_questions_pl_5-21-09.php The Salem-News says that politicians `demonize' cannabis.
Yes, another article that supports the notion that pot may suppress cancer. Must be a side effect of good karma.
http://www.ozarkia.net/bill/pot/blunderof37.html How pot became illegal - a history.
Milk and Marijuana - gateway drugs -- Our FBI position. http://www.boingboing.net/2009/05/22/milk-the-gateway-dru.html

http://www.salem-news.com/articles/may192009/osp_operation_5-19-09.php Seems the Salem-News has at least a balance.

And, finally, someone gave grant money for this - the answer to blunts or joints - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19443132?ordinalpos=3&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_DefaultReportPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

Friday, May 22, 2009

Future NY Times Headline - National Marijuana Tax Revenue Far Short Of Expectations

As we head into the holiday weekend - lets take a moment to relax our minds - and travel into the future to Dec. 2014; two years after a re-elected President Obama legalized marijuana. Indeed, to refresh your memory - in early December 2012, with the increased diversion of the `end of the world on Dec. 21st crowds' dominating the news - the President decided that he would `free every marijuana prisoner' in the nation and legalize and nationally tax the herb.

As you remember, by 2012, largely because of the Great Recession (as the downturn from the bank crisis of 2008 came to be called) 6 states had already legalized the plant and started to depend on the generated revenues and even on some increase in tourist trade (increases to the conventions in states with legal pot took off in comparison to `strict' states -as they - the non legal states - became to be known as). Indeed, the states that adopted the progressive `smoking bar' rules (letting over 21 age smoker establishments exist - like alcohol bars) - as opposed to the states which only allowed legal consumption in the home - did especially well in the revenue department. The `bar' states were also states that allowed advertising on billboards and most sold the herb in local shops and shut down the medical marijuana facilities. In these local shops, the product was sold at the price the market would bear and taxed at a higher rate than other goods and services - about 40%.

But, all states were not the same. By 2012, in 23 states, one could get a prescription for pot via ones personal doctor - but - still 28 states (The District Of Columbia became a state in 2011) were routinely arresting those in possession of pot. Interestingly, all of these arrest states had especially strong bar associations that had ties with local politicians.

But, the farce of readily available pot in one state and arrest in another - often - of course - within miles due to state lines - was becoming a little too much for even the worthless media and politicians to stand up in support of anymore. America was beginning to look like a place with no standard or morals when it came to justice -or marijuana policy. And, eventually, as you know, when the 4th budget with a trillion dollar deficit was announced - there was an outroar of protest to start ending the prosecution of all drug users - of `housing' millions at taxpayers expense.

The politicians in Washington knew they had to act and knew they had to compromise - so they passed on Dec. 4th 2012 - the National Marijuana Act (NMA). The NMA immediately declared marijuana a legal plant - and immediately set up a national chain of state run marijuana sellers stores - who would sell cannabis grown by the major tobacco companies (by this time the alcohol companies had bought the remaining tobacco firms) - in nearly every town with a population over 10,000.

The politicians were also pleased that as part of the negotiations over the NMA, they were able to still keep the prisons full (only a small % of those with longer sentences were pot users/sellers) and the lawyers busy with no change to the cocaine laws or sentences. Indeed, the prison industry said nary a word.

But, the best news - as it was sold to the non-marijuana smoking public - was that the price would be set at 50 dollars to 100 dollars an ounce and 85% was a TAX collected and split between the state and the national government (The stores were to run on the 15% of revenue as the rents were free - all were commercial properties that had been acquired by the banks the government owned since the Great Recession.) The other provision, of course, was the release of EVERY pot prisoner - no matter the charge - as long as the sentence was based solely on pot. Indeed, the joy of the 10's of thousands that December day two years ago was truly a proud moment in America. Real justice and just in time for Christmas. Indeed, the whole `legal pot thing' would quickly be swallowed up in the typical brainless media holiday spin. It was also expected that the new `low' price would keep home growing to a minimum. (Homeowners with children under 21 could only grow in a locked room was part of the NMA too.)

And, for a few months of 2013 - the added revenues were fairly significant. But, the politicians didn't figure on one thing - when they made possession of plants legal, totally legal, - a significant % of smokers started to grow their own needs - and found that it was very easy to do as most smokers needed less than a pound for a whole year - - even those that wanted more had no problem meeting their needs -as there was no limit on growing. (Outside growing on your own property was legal too.) And, by fall 2013 - with the first homegrown domestic crop - the sales in the stores began to dry up - as did the `revenue' the government wanted to make off the smokers backs. The same smokers they had ravaged the rights of for decades.

Because, those with lots of pot would give it to friends now - not even charge for it.

Oh, I forgot to say - when the NMA was passed - to satisfy the democrats concerns for `our children' and in deference to the republicans `religious right' - the law shut down all the smoker bars nationwide. Pot would NOT become an entertainment industry - this was not the first step down the slippery slope, the politicians promised - we would NOT be putting more druggies onto our nations roads. It would also guarantee the government as the sole legal source - I forgot to say that private selling was still illegal punishable with fine and `probation' (probation meant a monthly fee and contact with authorities for up to five years). Yes, the politics of the whole affair was complicated, but, done as only politicians can - wrongly.

Regardless, the free market price - rapidly returned to `the good old days' of the 70's -- regular smoke 15 an ounce, excellent smoke 35 an ounce. And, grown by a person one knew. And still sold in the friend network that worked so well for decades.

So, what was evident a year ago - winter 2013 - is now much worse. Virtually none of the oldtime smokers wanted to deal with the government in any way - even in a shop with killer 100 dollar an ounce pot. Indeed, almost 90% were now home growers and totally out of the market and tax scheme fostered by those who didn't know how smokers would react. Who didn't understand the remaining latent anger felt by them.

Indeed, about the only industries that directly benefited were the companies that made light systems and growing systems - because within a years time - the National Sales Stores were beginning to close. And, the anti-smoking forces had come out in force to discourage new pot smokers - who quickly dried up too. It seemed as if the laws really didn't discourage many from lighting up after all - despite decades of oppression and beyond stupid laws. If one wanted to smoke in 2011 before national legalization - one did.

And, then, I vaguely remembered an article I read on the internet. It had to be at least five years ago - perhaps in 2009. I swear, it had the same headline as I read here today December 14th 2014 - "National Marijuana Tax Revenue Far Short Of Expectations".

And, I chuckled to myself.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will The Politicians EVER Get It?

The obvious answer is NO - politicians will NEVER understand when the people want less of them, or, less of government - as is evidenced by the latest vote of the people of California.

http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/21/us/21calif.html?_r=1&em And, if you read this link - you will also understand how `off base' the NY Times was in covering this story too - as their headline includes about the voters that they `rebuffed leaders' - by voting no to increases in taxes. Indeed, here's the positioning that the governor of California tried to scare the sheeple with: "Mr. Schwarzenegger is requesting a $6 billion loan from the federal government, and has proposed a variety of politically unpalatable cuts, including commuting prisoners’ sentences, taking away health insurance from some poor children, reducing aid to community colleges and eliminating a large chunk of financing for shelters that serve children and women who have been abused."

Amazing, isn't it? The government will never understand that the people want SMALLER - FEWER - GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. This has nearly nothing to do with the services they provide - for once - the people would like to see government shrink. Politicians and the newspapers that are shrills for them like the NY Times will never get it. Indeed, look at this quote from the same article - and you tell me - is the NYT a cheerleader for the economy or what? "While California has suffered the same fate as much of the nation — high unemployment, large numbers of foreclosures, general economic sluggishness ..." All I can say is "oh really"?

Perhaps the NYT should look at the data of this article that puts California is the center of the nations mess - http://www.housingwire.com/2009/04/22/4-states-feel-highest-foreclosure-rates/.. The media cheerleading is beyond belief lately.

Here's some more links for today:



Thanks for visiting again today - see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Was The Swine-Flu A `Cover' For Chrysler's Bankruptcy?

Hello, welcome to the blog called Real Heavy Politics - my goal is to bring you back each day. And, I'm pleased to say that in less than two weeks - this blog - has made a dent in the world of internet quantification - actually ranking in the top million websites for right now -- http://www.quantcast.com/realheavypolitics.blogspot.com (actually top 700K).

But, enough patting on the back - as you can see from the title of today's post - I'm suggesting and will present `evidence' that the recent interest in `Swine Flu' coverage by the media may have been a ruse to cover the anguish of the Chrysler Bankruptcy - as it - the bankruptcy - doesn't `fit' the current big media ruse of `cheerleading' about down economic data being `less bad' and `nearing or bumping along at the bottom'.

Slowly, the medias goal seems to be to `convince' the populous that `the recession is over' -- even while the data suggests that - at best - that time is probably 2010 at the earliest. (Ignoring the doomsayers for a bit.) This `cheerleading' media - the governments mouthpiece - has already been the focus of one of my 14 posts so far.

But, as the title of my post suggests - IMO - this is too much of a co-incidence - please hit this google trends link at that very time frame of April 25th onwards - http://www.google.com/trends?q=swine+flu%2C+Chrysler&ctab=0&geo=us&geor=all&date=mtd&sort=0

Looking at this data, note how Chrysler's mention in `news reference volume' began to rise on the 23rd - exactly a week before the expected bankruptcy - about the typical lead time the media is going to give a BIG story. BUT, on the 24th, strangely, `swine flu' hit the switch. By the 25th, Chrysler was a declining story and Swine Flu had exceeded it. It stayed that way with the Swine Flu dwarfing the Chrysler story - even on the spike day of the bankruptcy.

But, then, just as mysteriously, BOTH stories began to fade from the media's interest the VERY NEXT DAY. With the H1N1 staying just slightly more often and remaining the `lead' media story. Until, the Chrysler story was at a more manageable `public' level of coverage - with hardly a bump overall from the resulting bankruptcy. Indeed, the Chrysler story was out of the prime news for over two weeks before it was once again ahead of the now `old' Swine Flu `story'.

And, I for one think that is EXACTLY what it was - a story. How convenient. And, the cheerleading the economy and the bad statistics begins again. Believe it or not.

More things to have outrage about:

19 stuns from Tasers not excessive in Patrick Lee's death, jury says
Injustice In Mississippi: Double Life Sentence Over $10!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Unspoken Connection Between Marijuana And Assisted Suicide

Hello, and welcome to Real Heavy Politics at Blogspot - thanks for hitting the link today or for already being a `regular' (according to data on the first 1,000 or so visitors to my 12 day old blog - about 32% of you are already repeat visitors). As you can see from the title of today's post -- this is about the REAL heavy stuff - the right to YOU controlling YOUR own body. The very idea and concept of who `owns' your body.

Now, before you veer off on a tangent about`right to life' and `abortion rights' and women `controlling their own body' - perhaps the only place you've heard that expression before - let me say that IMO - the two issues of `controlling ones body' are NOT equal. Meaning, the right to medicating one's own body and pregnancy `rights'.

However, that is NOT to say that I don't support the woman's choice in the matter of controlling her body - until a viable fetus is present in the later stages of pregnancy - I do support that right; but, likewise with pre-natal `rights' - at `some point' in a pregnancy, to me, the fetus indeed `has a body' that has innate `rights' in a sense (such as to be born).

Indeed, this idea I present - that YOU control the right to determine what happens to your body, and what you ingest - in the most fundamental sense - applies to such diverse ideas as marijuana consumption and doctor assisted suicide. In the case of adults consuming pot, a non-toxic product, the idea that the government has ANY role in telling adults what to do is nothing but big media propaganda.

And, it's big media propaganda because NO ONE ever - in the big media - takes on the right of an adult to determine what is best for them. To make an informed adult choice. That adults, have the RIGHT to use pot, a soft drug with no potential for overdose, compared to the hugely marketed, legal, hard drug of alcohol. Indeed, the RIGHT to THINK. (Obviously, the media does not push for individual rights only group rights - on occasion.)

And, the same concept and issue applies to doctor assisted suicide. Think of it; near the end of your life, if you are critically ill - and have chosen, in advance, the desire for such a decision to be made by you, your family and your doctor - what RIGHT does the government have at all - to say no? How can THAT, your life, your health, your BODY, be a decision of the GOVERNMENT?

Don't YOU, as a human, have the right to request a mixture of death producing drugs to end your suffering? Does the government have the RIGHT to force you to suffer? Does the government have the RIGHT to force you to be in pain? To spend on healthcare what you saved your life to pass onto your heirs and not to give to the insurance companies? This is waterboarding times 1 million.

The obvious answer is NO - except to those hopelessly hung up sheeple who are into the big media horse manure jargon and doublespeak of our worthless, often religion bent, politicians. Generally, what I call - Republinuts. Don't smile Democraps, both parties spew venom and pander shamelessly to segments of our population. And, ALL politicians avoid the difficult.

So, leave it to the blogging world to find articles like this. To expose ideas like this. Articles that SHOULD be part of the big media spin on issues in a free society without strong unspoken censorship - of life's most basic issues. Like the right to think; like the right to owning your own body - like your right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the right to death too.

So, finally, the unspoken connection -- the right to self medicate.

Here's some other links for you to consider today:

Supreme Court Hands Medical Marijuana Major Victory
This is pretty much breaking news - the US Supreme Court is forcing a California city to follow the state law.

The Media Doesn't Get That Hyping Potent Pot Makes More People Want to Smoke It
Never-Ending Government Lies About Markets
http://mises.org/story/3446 Several minute politics read.

See you tomorrow I hope.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Marijuana Advocates FINALLY Urge Colleges To Mellow Out

I have a new name for you to recognize - Mason Tvert - you see, he's the head of a Denver organization taking on the `pot is safer than alcohol' issue with colleges. And, because of that, he has been urging colleges to view pot violations as no worse than underage drinking violations. Indeed, plenty of facts are brandished about in this article worth considering - as are - the jaded `answers' of some of the colleges when confronted with students who say pot is safer than alcohol.

Which, of course, is the truth.

For example, check out these dumb words by the president emeritus of Vermont's Middlebury College, the person pushing the government to re-consider lowering the age needed to access the hard drug of alcohol to 18 instead of 21:

"The fact is marijuana is prohibited across the board. It's not a matter of age discrimination, as where alcohol is concerned," he said.

Age discrimination? WTF? Is this guy NUTS? Does he NOT understand the difference between Hard Drugs (ones that in a single setting can cause an overdose to the death level) and Soft drugs (one that do NOT kill via overdose)? Indeed, check out this data from the same article:

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about 1,700 college students ages 18 to 24 die each year from alcohol-related injuries, and 599,000 more are injured. The institute also estimates there are more than 696,000 alcohol-related assaults each year -- two-thirds of them by students under 21.

Or, how about this beyond stupid statement by another person tangentially involved in the pot-alcohol debate:

"We just don't have a lot of highly successful students who are potheads," Workman said.

Can you believe that ANYONE believes that crappola? Talk about needing an education! Here's the link a three minute read. If you are a college student, make sure that your buddies see this.


Here's some more examples of bloated government:

http://freep.com/uploads/images/2008/07/saggychart0709.jpg How you dress in Michigan could result in a year in jail.

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090515.wescalator16/BNStory/National/?page=rss&id=RTGAM.20090515.wescalator16 Woman cuffed for NOT holding handrail on an escalator.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doctor Prescriptions In The Last Prohibition And Current Prohibition

What you see above is a prescription written for Whiskey written during the last Prohibition - indeed - at the bottom of the prescription you can see the words `National Prohibition Act' --- yes, those were in the good old days when the government at least told a smidgen of truth - calling a prohibition for what it was.

So, you say that you didn't know that prescriptions were written for whiskey and other alcohols? I wonder why --- it wouldn't be because the big media hasn't mentioned it - would it? That big media that is always watching out for us? LOL.
Below you will find links that speak about the current prohibition and the alcohol prohibition baby boomers grandparents talked about. OverZealous Government One - OverZealous Government Two.
http://www.epmonthly.com/whitecoat/2008/02/whiskey-prescriptions-and-the-prohibition-act/comment-page-1/ This is the link to the above old-time prescription picture and lots of great information about that prohibition. This link is to an Emergency Physicians publication - make sure to read the comments.
http://prohibition.osu.edu/content/medicinal_alcohol.cfm One more background link on Medicinal Alcohol.
http://www.canorml.org/prop/MDRecForm.jpg The direct link to the top picture - much more readable here.
Other Marijuana Newslinks
Even I cast a leery eye to this one - until I read the four minute explanation.
The return of Gatewood Galbraith in Kentucky - nothing like being 20 years ahead of the times. Here he delivers a note to the Governor of KY. office.
Does Pot Inhibit Seizures - of the body? This graphic says YES. More bad news for those who ruse about pots negative effects. Just wait till the media is forced to talk about the facts that marijuana seems to inhibit CANCER.
Finally, a link about CNN and where they get their money:
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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Marijuana Potency Ruse

From the dictionary the definition of `ruse' - a wily subterfuge - `ruser' - to dodge, deceive.

I present the exact definition from the dictionary above because the word has fallen out of favor and is so so seldom used by our big media -- I assume because almost all they do is `ruse'. And, as you can see from the title of this post - their latest ruse is a finding about some hand selected, specially grown, top notch marijuana flowers - that `scientists' find has the highest THC content yet.

So, CNN then takes this `fact' and turns it into the famous big media ruse (one of dozens about pot) that `this is not your fathers (your era) marijuana' - NO - `this pot is more dangerous than yesteryear'. Remember, CNN has NO interest in marijuana being legalized as it would affect most of their advertisers in one form or another -- be it the drug manufacturers always pushing their pills on CNN, or the beer advertisers, or the cotton industry, or the endless lawyers who advertise on CNN.

Again, CNN has NO interest in portraying pot in a positive light.

So, they push this new government/big media/big business spin, or ruse, that is so necessary and needed to keep pot and its smokers in its proper place. Regardless if it is meaningless to smokers or users. Perhaps the most hilarious part is that they never compare marijuana `strength' `levels' (of THC) - to the `counterpart' in the area of alcohol. Ignoring that anyone can buy `weak' levels of alcohol like beer (the most popular alcohol level) or `strong' nearly pure alcohol (less popular).

You see, by NOT comparing - the stupid, the sheeple, who follow CNN's and the governments line on everything - don't even think of the comparison. Don't even think that when `they' use the legal alcohol that they don't drink `as much' of the high powered stuff as the low beer level. And, of course, the non-smoker - getting its viewpoint on pot from CNN - wouldn't know that when smokers are confronted with a `better' more potent pot - that they ALSO would use less --- just like the LEGAL drinkers.

You see, if CNN actually wanted to be `fair and balanced' (FOX's term) - we would hear the smokers point of view - but - we don't. THEY, CNN, have sheeple to lead and advertisers to protect. They, CNN, don't want to ruffle the feathers of those in government who feed them the `news' they depend upon for their revenue. So be it - if the news is unbalanced and meaningless. If it protects the advertisers (follow the money) - job done.

For more of what I think of the marijuana ruse -- read this - http://realheavypolitics.blogspot.com/2009/05/maines-new-marijuana-law-isnt-enough.html.

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Now - Today's links:

Don’t Believe The Hype! Potent Pot, So What?
http://blog.norml.org/2009/05/14/dont-believe-the-hype-potent-pot-so-what/ To me, NORML has had the wrong strategy forever - that said - it is a great advocate and perhaps the best voice overall. This article makes one great point after another and is worthy of your click.
FDA Labels Cheerios A Drug Based On Labeling
http://www.fda.gov/foi/warning_letters/s7188c.htm And, for today's latest example of no common sense and our bloated government at all levels - read this.
Here's That Ridiculous Marijuana Potency Story By CNN
British pub finds smoking ban loophole: report
http://www.physorg.com/news161412971.html Government action in England against smokers caused 2,000 pubs to go under since 2007's law. Here's an inventive way one Pub owner is challenging the law. `Local council' is still stating they will go after those smokers rights.
The Measure of a Boy - Government Style 1937
http://www.shorpy.com/node/6116?size=_original A little humor to end our week - how many government workers does it take to measure a boy? Answer - 11. Click this link to find a picture to find out why.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

California Realitors Predicts Home Prices To Fall ANOTHER 28%

To me, one of the things the media doesn't bother to put emphasis on - is the sucking sound that was caused by the folks and banks in California - and what they have done to this country. The hole that was dug there for ALL of the rest of the country to payoff - is disgusting and perhaps criminal. I say that because in NO WAY do I believe that builders, appraisers and banks weren't aware that what they were doing wasn't sustainable or even REAL - and smacked of FRAUD. To the rest of the country - what was going on in the heyday of California housing price rise was BEYOND BELIEF - and everyone but California (and Florida perhaps) - knew a crash was going to be the end result. Welcome to the result.

And, as amazing as it sounds - the headline above states just how much MORE things have to go to straighten out at some level in California. Can someone tell me why the entire country, indeed, the entire world - has to bail out a corrupt free-for-all that occurred in California? Can anyone doubt that if the `downturn' of The Great Recession continues for years, as it might, that Texas or other states not involved in the organized housing fraud in the west - might want to pull out of the USA? Just how many folks would be upside down on their mortgage if the values fell another 25%? Is California an endless pit of need? Will the media ever lay blame where it belongs?

This data is worth your two minute read.


Montana Nullifies Federal Gun Laws!

http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog.php?view=17935 We can only hope that enough states start to push for their own rights - before the sheeple will gain any.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maine's New Marijuana Law - Isn't Enough

Ok, so the governor of Maine signs a bill `liberalizing' the pot laws to say that if one is `caught' with up to 2.5 ounces - that you are only a small criminal and will only face a cash fine and no jail. Those with more than that - bigger criminals - and possible jail.

AND THAT -is what folks in the media have to categorize as `progress'?

Oh, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

What big media horse manure. What government horse manure.

Oh, BTW, if you are a criminal in Maine and get caught with what is returned to smokers in others states by court order (in California recently cops had to return 12 pounds of pot to a smoker by order of the court - he had a prescription) then you better have up to a 1,000.00 extra dollars on hand for the government bureaucrats.

Here's the link:


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Want some more to outrage you - here you go.

Fifth Circuit: No SWAT Teams for Regulatory Searches
White House forecasts higher budget deficit
Seems they were off by a tad - 89 BILLION MORE
Lack of Lending to American Consumers Precipitated by Governmental Seizure of Well-Capitalized Bank
Here's another outrage for you.
The Shifting Tide on Marijuana Legalization
One thing for sure - pot has suddenly got some politicians panties in a wad.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Is The Big Media Economy Cheerleading Getting Stale?

In my first post a few days ago - I alluded to the amazing big media `cheerleading' concerning the current economic situation. The cheerleading seems to be at all levels from CNBC to CNN to your hometown media outlets. The cheering seems based on the possibility that the level of the steepness of the crashing is easing. Nearly gone are the comments of `getting worse' - which is what nearly all the data still indicates. The populist idea is to take comfort that the system didn't and may not fall totally apart. (Nowhere are we to think that the people are MAD at the F-up of the big media watching big business - or the lack of control of the monetary system. The sheeple are to be quiet and happy the system didn't crash.)

Nowhere does the big media give credence to the idea that ONLY certain parts of the country went on a drunken binge concerning home prices. ONLY certain parts of the country had folks living off their house income for a few years. And, consequently, only PARTS of the country are REALLY being bailed out. Indeed, should the country pay for California's excess for the next decade? Or, should California have to pony up MUCH more?

Here's a link to a California blog that I have been following for the past two years - it makes the same point about the cheerleading of the media. I assure you, this is a website you should bookmark to know what is really going on.


Operation Northwoods
Sometimes, it is important to know just how politicians in power think - so - check out this wikipedia link that never gets talked about.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Zogby Poll Find Majority Support Legal Taxed Pot

Hello, welcome to Real Heavy Politics - thanks for hitting the link today - and, since this is a new blog - if you like what you read today - please bookmark.

As I described in my first post a few days ago - this blog, while it reflects my viewpoints - is really targeted at men (and political women) aged 50-62 or so - who KNOW that the given political forces of the last 3 decades certainly don't reflect US. And, the `issues' surrounding `marijuana' is dead on as one of those issues NEVER addressed by our worthless politicians. Except to get the whole thing 100% wrong. But, that is not even remotely surprising - right?

To show just how ABSURD the whole `marijuana' issue is and has been - as a 57 year old - my first exposure to `marijuana' was in 1967 - when my now 76 year old mother told me that she and my step-father at the time had smoked some. Yes, now 76.

I include this sidetale for the `young' out there who think that `they have been waiting forever' for a possible change in the official government position. You haven't. Some have waited nearly forever.

But, not nearly as long as the `waiting' of all those held in jail cells for the `crime' for the last 50 years since the Beatniks of the 50's (yes we all loved Maynard G. Krebs of Dobie Gillis). All those `criminals' who chose to use `marijuana' instead of the `legal harder drug' of Alcohol. THOSE Beatniks, THOSE Hippies, THOSE New Wavers and Thrasers, THOSE New Agers and Ravers, THOSE New Hippies - as the whole cycle started again.

Just imagine - 10's of millions of prosecutions. (If government had made tobacco illegal and put 10's of millions in jail for it - do you think that 19% would be tobacco smokers today?) And, those 10's of millions of prosecutions resulting in untold billions to Lawyers (the main supporters of politicians) and untold billions of hours behind bars. All paid for with YOUR tax dollars. All based on the premise that the `government' is the one to decide what YOU can put into your body as an adult.

But, first, let's all remember - this `legalization' - if it happened - would be a RE-legalization. We don't have the space here - nor the interest - in the sordid racist review of how the current `marijuana' laws came into being in the early 1900's - nor - how it was exploited by the `articulate' President Reagan on the now famous `War on Drugs' --- the now famous saying for the war to break the `black family' in America and to isolate the `marijuana adults' into some sort of `criminal class' - supporting the drug cartels.

Yeah, right.

That made alot of sense to F'ing NOBODY - except a few hard core in the religious `right' of politics. The `this is your brain on drugs' political hack crew -- the kind that Zogby and other `researchers' have made a living off of. The kind of worthless politicians that have NEVER for decades gave a rats ass about the `marijuana' smokers. All this reported by a big media that licks the politicians leftovers from their corrupt plates. (And with a significant number of smokers-hypocrites on their liberal staffs.) All this in a country with a media that has been unable to represent the smokers point of view in all this for DECADES.

And now, after all this as a backdrop - they want smokers TAX MONEY?

Tell you what --- what about giving the smokers COMPENSATION FOR LOST TIME, AND LEGAL FEES? Perhaps out of some lawyers fund of sorts.

But, all of this doesn't even begin to touch the real anger - the real issues - involved in the decades long ban and harassment of smokers. All this doesn't even address the `results' of legalizing and taxing `marijuana'. What I mean by this is that the legalization of the natural plant will have far reaching effects that `other businesses' aren't interested in having - and - that the media - as usual - is far far behind on informing the public about.

For example, `the adult beverage' industry (unless they get a piece of this NEW pie). You really don't think that the Beer manufacturers look at this as a BOON do you? Certainly, Beer manufacturers would see some of its users switch to a less dangerous product, right? Come to think of it - beer companies are also one of the biggest categories of supports of politicians - like lawyers - something is starting to make sense - right?

Or, how about the `clothing manufacturers'? You know the big time users of cotton and wool? Would they feel the pressure that a hemp product would bring? Once again, the clothing manufacturers - you guessed it - big supporters of our politicians.

Or, how about the medical uses of `marijuana' - the ones NOT talked about. Seems that they have found that smokers use this product for MUCH more than `getting high' - indeed, are these politicians - now so egar to have smokers TAX money - going to position this as a tax on `highness' or `wellness'.

After all, since many folks use this drug to mediate their moods (in dealing with an inept political system of democraps and republinuts) - some use it to mediate pain or cramps (women) - and others - use the drug to make it easier to go to sleep. I can just hear the drug manufacturers now protesting all of this. Oh, and, guess what - legal drug manufacturers are one of the biggest supporters of the `two' political parties.

Do I need to go on? Does the media REALLY think that tens of MILLIONS haven't seen thru the complete and utter BS? (Perhaps they should consider why they are so low in the reputation indexes.)

Do I really need to go on?

Why not. How about the fact that EVERY advance on the `marijuana' issue has come from the citizens - NOT the worthless politicians or the worthless not outraged media. The citizens. Let me let that sink in. The thousands of citizens who protested in `marijuana' protests over the decades on July 4th - that were ignored by the media. Or, how about the outrage of the 100's and 100's of `plants' of contraband by less then scrupulous police onto a suspect - or - the power of a few corrupt cops throwing the fear of arrest over a young female stopped at night.

Naw, we don't want to talk of those kind of failures of our politicians - they think they are `protecting us adults' - evidently. And, it's the politicians of today and the NON-OUTRAGED media that lets THOUSANDS be arrested everyday to sit in a jail cell while in California - a judge orders the police to return 12 pounds of `marijuana' to a smoker - based on doctors orders.

You mean we should expect a media to be outraged or be giving editorials daily on such non-sense? You mean we should expect ONE worthless politician to step up to the plate and say Enough is Enough? By political parties represented by a bloated Elephant and a Jackass? The same political parties that in election years are the biggest advertisers on the big media that covers them? You expect THAT MEDIA to have any outrage?

Yeah, I guess I have a different take than our muckrakers in the `press'. (Oh, by the way, in this post I put `marijuana' in quotes -- it's as if the media thinks this is the safe word for Pot. I liked the old days when the newspapers talked about `maryjane'.)

Anyways, here's that stupidly worded question that Zogby posed and the strange sample weighting to the results (instead of by demo or region or party ect.).


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Real Heavy Politics

Hello, welcome to Real Heavy Politics - my name is Rick Phillips. I want to thank all of you for hitting the link to get to here - perhaps if you like what you see and read - you will bookmark this site. The reasons for this site, at this time, are multi-fold. I mean, obviously, you have tons and tons of choices from the internet for your news links - yet that is what I will be bringing you - along with my commentary. And, obviously, you have a ton and ton of political bloggers out there too - 99% with more name recognition compared to mine.

So, why do it?

Well, first, (I told you this was multi-fold.) I don't see the totality of MY views anywhere on the web. That, in itself, is not surprising - as I've always been told by friends that my politics was indeed - unique. And, obviously, I will explain much more about that. So, in a sense, like all bloggers - I want to get my unique take on things political `out there'.

Indeed, it's possible that you already know this. How? Because some of you are here from links I have on my two main blogs - both with `tinges' of politics. My first and main blog http://www.theheavystuff.com/ covers esoteric ideas but also has been forced at times into pure political posts too concerning media coverage of events and the near economic collapse of Fall 2008. Both I felt fell under the big umbrella of `the heavy stuff' - literally. However, I'd expect this blog will largely limit the political posts from now onward. Sites such as http://www.anomalist.com/ and http://www.dailygrail.com/ often cover my posts. Indeed, The Heavy Stuff has also had posts picked up by About.com and MSNBC.com - and according to my internet host statistics had 195,000 unique visitors last year.

My other blog is more political http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com/ due to the issue I cover - which is obvious by reading the name. Indeed, this blog was even picked up earlier in 2009 by AOL.com - concerning the `orb' that seemed to go right over the Plaza on the day that President Obama was inaugurated. You see, I predicted it. (and that is what link AOL covered). Read the blog for more details - but - in reality, the prediction wasn't even that hard. One needs to be conscious of alot to put connections together - and - it is insight like that which I hope to transmit with this blog. Anyway, this blog (UDCC) has fewer readers than THS - but is in the Alexa.com and other ratings.

Finally, I also have a `Daily Webpage' on Squidoo at www.squidoo.com/anomalyman - which as you can guess by the AnomalyMan name - covers all kinds of diverse strange stuff. It is one of Squidoo's 2000 top-tier sites and often ranks in the top 1000 out of over 850,000 Squidoo pages. It's on this daily site that I've started to put more and more political links -- and -- that has led to this new blog - a place for the overflow of political links (on the Squidoo page - which I've done since 2006 - those readers look for less politics).

But, this page will be more than an overflow -- I hope that some of my AnomalyMan readers will indeed become regulars on this blog too. They have already seen my hand selected links for over 3 years now - and have consistently kept my choices right up in Squidoo's rankings. I also hope that the few who enjoyed my political posts on The Heavy Stuff - will check this out too. But, what I really hope is to find many who are like minded folks - probably about 50 to 62 years of age - who also feel the same way about the current system of the politics we have in this country.

And, I hope to attract those like-minded folks by highlighting the bloated government, horrific policies and worthless politicians we are all so very used to by now. I hope to present my political tone clearly and provide the right mix of links to have you bookmark this site in hopes you will return regularly.

And, with that as the introduction to this blog and myself - I present the first links to REAL HEAVY POLITICS.

May 6th 2009
Mexico passes bill on small-scale drugs possession

http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSN01336313 -- Leave it to governments to do things all at once on occasion. Here, we have common sense from our neighbors to the south - decriminalizing, possession of up to 5 grams of pot and traces of hard drugs such as heroin and methamphetamines - cocaine minute amounts would also be legal to have possession of. How much will the media cover this is the question?

It also says a similar bill was passed in 2006 only to be vetoed by the President of Mexico due to pressure from the USA -- could that be why the media has done the big play up of Mexican violence lately? Just imagine if the cops in America suddenly could NOT arrest someone for having a joint or two? Can you imagine the disappointment from the Lawyers lobby?

War On Food

http://open.salon.com/blog/xylocopa/2009/05/03/war_on_food Here's a very strange story about the local Lorain, Ohio Sheriff's department RAIDING a Natural Food co-op (seems they are worried about distribution rules concerning food). Perhaps, the Lorain Sheriff's department has a bit too much time on its hands - don't you think? Should police follow every request of the politicians?

Adversity Index

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29976394/ There have been a few of these interactive maps lately showing the current Great Recession - I will run the others in the next day or two also. This is a VERY compelling map and seemingly refutes the polls of optimistic consumers. I bet you forward this link to someone.

Please feel free to comment on any story.

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