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I've voted for the Libertarians the last 10 elections for President. I do not believe in the Republinuts or the Democraps, or, the big media that supports them.

Because of the above - my views, IMO, are the real independent; THE `Eagle' views, and not the `centrist' `independent' views of those that alternate between the Jackass and the Elephant.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Real Heavy Politics

Hello, welcome to Real Heavy Politics - my name is Rick Phillips. I want to thank all of you for hitting the link to get to here - perhaps if you like what you see and read - you will bookmark this site. The reasons for this site, at this time, are multi-fold. I mean, obviously, you have tons and tons of choices from the internet for your news links - yet that is what I will be bringing you - along with my commentary. And, obviously, you have a ton and ton of political bloggers out there too - 99% with more name recognition compared to mine.

So, why do it?

Well, first, (I told you this was multi-fold.) I don't see the totality of MY views anywhere on the web. That, in itself, is not surprising - as I've always been told by friends that my politics was indeed - unique. And, obviously, I will explain much more about that. So, in a sense, like all bloggers - I want to get my unique take on things political `out there'.

Indeed, it's possible that you already know this. How? Because some of you are here from links I have on my two main blogs - both with `tinges' of politics. My first and main blog http://www.theheavystuff.com/ covers esoteric ideas but also has been forced at times into pure political posts too concerning media coverage of events and the near economic collapse of Fall 2008. Both I felt fell under the big umbrella of `the heavy stuff' - literally. However, I'd expect this blog will largely limit the political posts from now onward. Sites such as http://www.anomalist.com/ and http://www.dailygrail.com/ often cover my posts. Indeed, The Heavy Stuff has also had posts picked up by About.com and MSNBC.com - and according to my internet host statistics had 195,000 unique visitors last year.

My other blog is more political http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com/ due to the issue I cover - which is obvious by reading the name. Indeed, this blog was even picked up earlier in 2009 by AOL.com - concerning the `orb' that seemed to go right over the Plaza on the day that President Obama was inaugurated. You see, I predicted it. (and that is what link AOL covered). Read the blog for more details - but - in reality, the prediction wasn't even that hard. One needs to be conscious of alot to put connections together - and - it is insight like that which I hope to transmit with this blog. Anyway, this blog (UDCC) has fewer readers than THS - but is in the Alexa.com and other ratings.

Finally, I also have a `Daily Webpage' on Squidoo at www.squidoo.com/anomalyman - which as you can guess by the AnomalyMan name - covers all kinds of diverse strange stuff. It is one of Squidoo's 2000 top-tier sites and often ranks in the top 1000 out of over 850,000 Squidoo pages. It's on this daily site that I've started to put more and more political links -- and -- that has led to this new blog - a place for the overflow of political links (on the Squidoo page - which I've done since 2006 - those readers look for less politics).

But, this page will be more than an overflow -- I hope that some of my AnomalyMan readers will indeed become regulars on this blog too. They have already seen my hand selected links for over 3 years now - and have consistently kept my choices right up in Squidoo's rankings. I also hope that the few who enjoyed my political posts on The Heavy Stuff - will check this out too. But, what I really hope is to find many who are like minded folks - probably about 50 to 62 years of age - who also feel the same way about the current system of the politics we have in this country.

And, I hope to attract those like-minded folks by highlighting the bloated government, horrific policies and worthless politicians we are all so very used to by now. I hope to present my political tone clearly and provide the right mix of links to have you bookmark this site in hopes you will return regularly.

And, with that as the introduction to this blog and myself - I present the first links to REAL HEAVY POLITICS.

May 6th 2009
Mexico passes bill on small-scale drugs possession

http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSN01336313 -- Leave it to governments to do things all at once on occasion. Here, we have common sense from our neighbors to the south - decriminalizing, possession of up to 5 grams of pot and traces of hard drugs such as heroin and methamphetamines - cocaine minute amounts would also be legal to have possession of. How much will the media cover this is the question?

It also says a similar bill was passed in 2006 only to be vetoed by the President of Mexico due to pressure from the USA -- could that be why the media has done the big play up of Mexican violence lately? Just imagine if the cops in America suddenly could NOT arrest someone for having a joint or two? Can you imagine the disappointment from the Lawyers lobby?

War On Food

http://open.salon.com/blog/xylocopa/2009/05/03/war_on_food Here's a very strange story about the local Lorain, Ohio Sheriff's department RAIDING a Natural Food co-op (seems they are worried about distribution rules concerning food). Perhaps, the Lorain Sheriff's department has a bit too much time on its hands - don't you think? Should police follow every request of the politicians?

Adversity Index

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29976394/ There have been a few of these interactive maps lately showing the current Great Recession - I will run the others in the next day or two also. This is a VERY compelling map and seemingly refutes the polls of optimistic consumers. I bet you forward this link to someone.

Please feel free to comment on any story.

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