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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Five Reasons We Won’t Be Legalizing Pot - A Rebuttal

Recently, the Santa Monica Mirror allowed someone named Steve Stajich the opportunity to write a piece for their newspaper - shortly after the California Governor did the outlandish thing of suggesting it was time for `a debate' about legal use of marijuana with the `state' collecting taxes on sales. Indeed, the author used the opportunity to offer 5 reasons why Pot will NOT be legalized in California.

To which - I offer a rebuttal.

His #1 reason:It’s Not Like State Gambling… or is It? .......information on gambling addiction and its destructive impacts is always neatly left out of ads ......legalized activity means the people’s representative government is socializing and endorsing the behavior involved. Evidently, this open-minded writer doesn't like gambling being offered legally because some people get a `gambling addiction'. Should we build tunnels under roads because some people get hit by cars when crossing the street? Should we have prohibition with alcohol for the same reason? Should we forbid folks to eat certain foods because they might make you fat and a burden to the state? Really, folks, the lamest of all reasons is to say that SOME adults can't handle it - this guy must be a real winner - probably walks his kids to school so they don't get abducted. And, BTW, having something being legal doesn't mean the state endorses mis-use.

His #2 reason:Teachers Will Love You.....Jeeze, Arnold… we’re having problems keeping diabetes-inflicting sugar and fat out of schools! Do you hang with school teachers at all? As I expected, an overprotecter in every way is the best description for a guy who probably thinks he is a democrap `protecting' the people. The `we don't do it for the kids' reason doesn't address the `lets throw adults in jail for their choices' counterpoint. Oh, BTW, this slimy writer NEVER mentions the failed decades long drug war, and it's drain on the system that COULD have spent that same state funds on Education -- must have not fit his agenda.

His #3 reason:Throwing the Baby in with the Bong Water....“Hello, Governor? Please explain how legalizing marijuana will reduce teen pregnancy. (PAUSE) Our lines our open. (PAUSE) Governor, please call with that answer. (PAUSE) Again that phone number…” Apparently the Spliff-inator has looked at the stats regarding teen sexual behavior and teen pregnancy and concluded, “What’s needed here is more access to marijuana.” I'm really speechless that some editor let this guy whine on and on about teens as his only point - that said - let me give the sadly delusioned writer a bit of hope. You see, idiot, if teens DRANK less alcohol - for whatever reason - the likelihood is that fewer teen girls will end up with a baby in the cooker.

His #4 reason: Now We Can Beat China! ....What’s holding back American manufacturing and productivity? That’s right: Our workers don’t have any state-endorsed pot to smoke during lunch breaks. How different the stories of GM and Chrysler if only we’d had the good sense to make it easier (and revenue producing!) for line workers to smoke a “fatty” with their morning coffee... So, let me get this right - don't make it available because `workers will use it on the job'. Let me clue-in our clueless writer - who probably thinks he doesn't even know someone who is a user ---- IT'S AVAILABLE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS IT. Only the clueless think that folks are WAITING to have availability - rates of smoking are not likely to change much as folks have been IGNORING the laws for DECADES. And, regardless of folks having access for decades, his concern for doobies on the assembly line have yet to happen. Talk about brainless.

His #5 reason: Other Experiments Didn’t Quite Work....Our nation’s experiments with legalizing the drugs tobacco and alcohol have been less than successful. Drunk driving deaths and alcohol-fueled violence, disease and death from tobacco; the state realizes revenues from these substances yet no one is arguing we should widen access (for more state funds) to either of those
First, IF pot were legalized, it would be a RE-legalization - and indeed - this `experiment' with prohibition, indeed, hasn't worked. Drug legalization isn't supposed to be `successful' - it's supposed to be - well - an adult approach to an on-going thing. With regulation and control, and yes, revenue. And, certainly, this lame writer isn't suggesting that he thinks legal pot would bring any where near the levels of distress that those other two legal drugs bring? IS HE? Could he be that clueless? Could the Santa Monica paper be that clueless?

Now - let me bring you FIVE REAL REASONS POT will not be legalized anytime soon. Obviously, this writer is so unaware that perhaps this will help.

1. Pot is HUGE business for the lawyers of this country.
2. The drug laws are huge business for the prison industry. Questioning even one law will make some want all to be freed from prison, not just the smokers.
3. Illegal pot supports government jobs from the county clerk, police force levels including parole officers, to helicopter pilots.
4. Beer manufacturers would have competition (that could be grown for free in the home).
5. Pharmacological companies would see the need and demand for specific drugs decline, such as pain relievers and sleep aids.

(Oh, and BTW, Lawyers, Beer Companies, and The Pharmacy Industry - are some of the very biggest supporters of our political parties.)

Here's the Santa Monica Mirror link: http://www.smmirror.com/MainPages/DisplayArticleDetails.asp?eid=10170

More links:

http://www.startribune.com/opinion/commentary/45872952.html?elr=KArksLckD8EQDUoaEyqyP4O:DW3ckUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUUsZ This one is called Three Myths About Marijuana -- might be good reading for Mr. Stajich.

Scientists are high on idea that marijuana reduces memory impairment -- http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-11/osu-sah111408.php Being good for the brain would not fit into Mr. Stajich's worldview.

Indeed, to folks like Mr. Stajich - the whole world probably started to go to hell in a basket with the invention of this dance below:

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