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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Zogby Poll Find Majority Support Legal Taxed Pot

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As I described in my first post a few days ago - this blog, while it reflects my viewpoints - is really targeted at men (and political women) aged 50-62 or so - who KNOW that the given political forces of the last 3 decades certainly don't reflect US. And, the `issues' surrounding `marijuana' is dead on as one of those issues NEVER addressed by our worthless politicians. Except to get the whole thing 100% wrong. But, that is not even remotely surprising - right?

To show just how ABSURD the whole `marijuana' issue is and has been - as a 57 year old - my first exposure to `marijuana' was in 1967 - when my now 76 year old mother told me that she and my step-father at the time had smoked some. Yes, now 76.

I include this sidetale for the `young' out there who think that `they have been waiting forever' for a possible change in the official government position. You haven't. Some have waited nearly forever.

But, not nearly as long as the `waiting' of all those held in jail cells for the `crime' for the last 50 years since the Beatniks of the 50's (yes we all loved Maynard G. Krebs of Dobie Gillis). All those `criminals' who chose to use `marijuana' instead of the `legal harder drug' of Alcohol. THOSE Beatniks, THOSE Hippies, THOSE New Wavers and Thrasers, THOSE New Agers and Ravers, THOSE New Hippies - as the whole cycle started again.

Just imagine - 10's of millions of prosecutions. (If government had made tobacco illegal and put 10's of millions in jail for it - do you think that 19% would be tobacco smokers today?) And, those 10's of millions of prosecutions resulting in untold billions to Lawyers (the main supporters of politicians) and untold billions of hours behind bars. All paid for with YOUR tax dollars. All based on the premise that the `government' is the one to decide what YOU can put into your body as an adult.

But, first, let's all remember - this `legalization' - if it happened - would be a RE-legalization. We don't have the space here - nor the interest - in the sordid racist review of how the current `marijuana' laws came into being in the early 1900's - nor - how it was exploited by the `articulate' President Reagan on the now famous `War on Drugs' --- the now famous saying for the war to break the `black family' in America and to isolate the `marijuana adults' into some sort of `criminal class' - supporting the drug cartels.

Yeah, right.

That made alot of sense to F'ing NOBODY - except a few hard core in the religious `right' of politics. The `this is your brain on drugs' political hack crew -- the kind that Zogby and other `researchers' have made a living off of. The kind of worthless politicians that have NEVER for decades gave a rats ass about the `marijuana' smokers. All this reported by a big media that licks the politicians leftovers from their corrupt plates. (And with a significant number of smokers-hypocrites on their liberal staffs.) All this in a country with a media that has been unable to represent the smokers point of view in all this for DECADES.

And now, after all this as a backdrop - they want smokers TAX MONEY?

Tell you what --- what about giving the smokers COMPENSATION FOR LOST TIME, AND LEGAL FEES? Perhaps out of some lawyers fund of sorts.

But, all of this doesn't even begin to touch the real anger - the real issues - involved in the decades long ban and harassment of smokers. All this doesn't even address the `results' of legalizing and taxing `marijuana'. What I mean by this is that the legalization of the natural plant will have far reaching effects that `other businesses' aren't interested in having - and - that the media - as usual - is far far behind on informing the public about.

For example, `the adult beverage' industry (unless they get a piece of this NEW pie). You really don't think that the Beer manufacturers look at this as a BOON do you? Certainly, Beer manufacturers would see some of its users switch to a less dangerous product, right? Come to think of it - beer companies are also one of the biggest categories of supports of politicians - like lawyers - something is starting to make sense - right?

Or, how about the `clothing manufacturers'? You know the big time users of cotton and wool? Would they feel the pressure that a hemp product would bring? Once again, the clothing manufacturers - you guessed it - big supporters of our politicians.

Or, how about the medical uses of `marijuana' - the ones NOT talked about. Seems that they have found that smokers use this product for MUCH more than `getting high' - indeed, are these politicians - now so egar to have smokers TAX money - going to position this as a tax on `highness' or `wellness'.

After all, since many folks use this drug to mediate their moods (in dealing with an inept political system of democraps and republinuts) - some use it to mediate pain or cramps (women) - and others - use the drug to make it easier to go to sleep. I can just hear the drug manufacturers now protesting all of this. Oh, and, guess what - legal drug manufacturers are one of the biggest supporters of the `two' political parties.

Do I need to go on? Does the media REALLY think that tens of MILLIONS haven't seen thru the complete and utter BS? (Perhaps they should consider why they are so low in the reputation indexes.)

Do I really need to go on?

Why not. How about the fact that EVERY advance on the `marijuana' issue has come from the citizens - NOT the worthless politicians or the worthless not outraged media. The citizens. Let me let that sink in. The thousands of citizens who protested in `marijuana' protests over the decades on July 4th - that were ignored by the media. Or, how about the outrage of the 100's and 100's of `plants' of contraband by less then scrupulous police onto a suspect - or - the power of a few corrupt cops throwing the fear of arrest over a young female stopped at night.

Naw, we don't want to talk of those kind of failures of our politicians - they think they are `protecting us adults' - evidently. And, it's the politicians of today and the NON-OUTRAGED media that lets THOUSANDS be arrested everyday to sit in a jail cell while in California - a judge orders the police to return 12 pounds of `marijuana' to a smoker - based on doctors orders.

You mean we should expect a media to be outraged or be giving editorials daily on such non-sense? You mean we should expect ONE worthless politician to step up to the plate and say Enough is Enough? By political parties represented by a bloated Elephant and a Jackass? The same political parties that in election years are the biggest advertisers on the big media that covers them? You expect THAT MEDIA to have any outrage?

Yeah, I guess I have a different take than our muckrakers in the `press'. (Oh, by the way, in this post I put `marijuana' in quotes -- it's as if the media thinks this is the safe word for Pot. I liked the old days when the newspapers talked about `maryjane'.)

Anyways, here's that stupidly worded question that Zogby posed and the strange sample weighting to the results (instead of by demo or region or party ect.).


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