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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doctor Prescriptions In The Last Prohibition And Current Prohibition

What you see above is a prescription written for Whiskey written during the last Prohibition - indeed - at the bottom of the prescription you can see the words `National Prohibition Act' --- yes, those were in the good old days when the government at least told a smidgen of truth - calling a prohibition for what it was.

So, you say that you didn't know that prescriptions were written for whiskey and other alcohols? I wonder why --- it wouldn't be because the big media hasn't mentioned it - would it? That big media that is always watching out for us? LOL.
Below you will find links that speak about the current prohibition and the alcohol prohibition baby boomers grandparents talked about. OverZealous Government One - OverZealous Government Two.
http://www.epmonthly.com/whitecoat/2008/02/whiskey-prescriptions-and-the-prohibition-act/comment-page-1/ This is the link to the above old-time prescription picture and lots of great information about that prohibition. This link is to an Emergency Physicians publication - make sure to read the comments.
http://prohibition.osu.edu/content/medicinal_alcohol.cfm One more background link on Medicinal Alcohol.
http://www.canorml.org/prop/MDRecForm.jpg The direct link to the top picture - much more readable here.
Other Marijuana Newslinks
Even I cast a leery eye to this one - until I read the four minute explanation.
The return of Gatewood Galbraith in Kentucky - nothing like being 20 years ahead of the times. Here he delivers a note to the Governor of KY. office.
Does Pot Inhibit Seizures - of the body? This graphic says YES. More bad news for those who ruse about pots negative effects. Just wait till the media is forced to talk about the facts that marijuana seems to inhibit CANCER.
Finally, a link about CNN and where they get their money:
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