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Monday, May 25, 2009

Are America's Freedoms Big Enough To - Free The Marijuana Prisoners?

Men and women have fought for and died in attempts to support the freedom of the American people. To many in our society, that freedom, was felt to be `individual' freedom - even beyond the many `group freedoms' that have been won via hard fought political struggles (including the right to vote for black males and eventually women only 90 years ago). Indeed, our society is one history of great changes.

But, as we all know all too well - it's been mucked up. In fact, mucked up pretty bad - especially recently, and especially, by those `in power'. And, that in itself is nothing new either - but - before - the muck wasn't leveraged. And, the system is still mired in deep doo with little prospects of any immediate return to the lost `wealth' - that it had built up in the bubble of housing and banking. And, as usual, the powerbrokers will skate with less real harm to lifestyle than the sheeple they `lead'.

But, every once in a great while - a concurrence of events - leads to an unexpected outcome - and I wonder - could our society have reached a conclusion that could lead to the Freedom of the marijuana prisoners? Could a society, tired enough of the big media and politician power structure (the political ads are the bread and butter of the TV industry) - actually demand a fundamental change to `the system'? That somehow would overcome their filters on real information?

Because, make no bones about it. The police support for the political doctrine, played over and over by the media, that YOU do NOT have the right as an adult to self-medicate YOUR body - is BIG BUSINESS. You can imagine the business marijuana arrests brings to lawyers as one beginning point. And, of course, if an adult isn't allowed to use a `simple' plant to self medicate - that supports the entire prison industry by long terms for `hard' drug users. And, both support the court and prison industry.

If suddenly, self medication, and pot was a `right'; if suddenly, 40% of the above big business was gone (and perhaps much more if other drugs were looked at individually) - would the politicians do THAT during an economic downturn? To turn their back on Lawyers (one of the biggest supporters of the politicians)?

Yes, this is not a cake walk. This is NOT going to be easy. AND, legalization, will NEVER be a first step and is a RUSE. The first step folks, is going to be one thing.

AS A SOCIETY TO SAY --- NO MORE JAIL FOR POT `criminals' . Period.

And, not only that - NO public money to incarcerate for any reason on issues related to pot. Therefore, - no pre-trial detention - and all those currently serving time for pot related `crime' only - to be immediately released with sentence served in full. (Like no pictures allowed of certain things - would the media be allowed to broadcast the marijuana prisoners walking out of prison?)

This will not be easy for the politicians to swallow. And, while the media would never play it up - every politician would have egg on their face. In addition to every Judge and every policeman.

Some of those being released from prison, for pot, regardless of charge, will sue the system too. That should be expected. Or, is it really THIS that the politicians fear?

Because, if the medical marijuana laws say anything about our society - it's that a significant % of folks view their own body as sacred. As belonging to them. As having the right to self-medicate, even if that means overturning one of the biggest businesses in America - arresting pot smokers.

Once all the `smokers' are freed out of prisons. Once a smoker NEVER sees the inside of the county jail for pre-trial detention. Then, America will be showing the desire for the Big Freedoms the media wishes to suppress. Rather that shucking an Olympic champion like Kellogg's did - with full media play-up.

Indeed, how can REAL talk about legalization begin when ANYONE sits in jail? Shouldn't the real shout out be on this day to shout your freedom be:

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And, finally, someone gave grant money for this - the answer to blunts or joints - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19443132?ordinalpos=3&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_DefaultReportPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

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